University of Gezira Conferences

The 1St Francophone Conference on Energy and Environment

- To reinforce the interaction between the Confremo and the University of Gezira in the field of Energy and environment.

- The aim of the conference is to provide a common platform for interaction among the researchers and experts in the fields of Alternate Energy Technologies and Environmental.

-  It will provide an opportunity for the exchange of new ideas in the fields of energy and environment, and to share the most advanced knowledge from both academic and industrial world, communicating with each other about their experiences and the most up-to-date technologies in the fields.

- To build a transition in the UN Initiative, Sustainable Energy for All by 2030, in Sudan.

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International Conference on Computer, Control, Electrical, and Electronics Engineering


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Food Safety

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نظم الحكم والادارة في مملكة الفونج

الهجرات العربية للسودان، السياسة والادارة، الجانب الاجتماعي، التعليم والدين، الثقافة

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